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Thursday, July 17, 2014

East to West and The Beautiful Dreamers

So I made the biggest move ever in my life. At the end of 2013, with the assistance of my highway companion and darling angel, I drove across the country to the beautifully grey wasteland of Lemoore, California. It's Though, to be honest, I get out as much as I did when I lived in Va. Feels just like home. With the exception of the poop smells and searing, dry (which I suppose is a selling point) heat. I recently updated my resume and it along with my work has really seen some big changes. I'm pretty proud of the direction things are going. Though I am still working hard to make a solid footprint out here, I think it'll all pay off in the end. 
The series I imagined in my head is growing as the months pass and I have a small pile of beautiful dreamers to show for it. It had it's beginning with the Peruvian mummy girl I had read an article about and since being invited to paint Frida for a tribute show at ChimMaya Gallery in LA, I have added her to the dreamers. 

Beautiful Dreamer 18x24 acrylic and oil on masonite
       The 3 Graces- Beautiful Dreamer, Dreaming gracefully 9x12 acryilc and oil on masonite

  once someone loved me-8x10 acrylic on masonite

  I dream in color -9x12 acrylic on gesso board

 I suppose I often imagined leaving Virginia and though it hasn't always been easy being far from people I love, it's a very good life we're living here together. 

You can currently see most of my work at Fresno Art Museum Partnership Gallery at Arte Americas in my solo show titled "Beautiful Dreamer", also at ChimMaya Gallery in East LA in Frida 2014
and in Chicanitas The Cheech Marin Collection in Las Cruces,New Mexico Las Cruces Museum of Art

Jeannette L Herrera - Resumé

Art Shows:

August 2016 - Tiny works and more
 Kasum Contemporary Fine Arts - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

September 18, 2015 through January 3, 2016 Chicanitas The Cheech Marin Collection                    Corpus Christi, TexasArt Museum of South Texas

June 6 through August 1, 2015 Chicanitas The Cheech Marin Collection                            
 Los Angeles, CaliforniaVincent Price Art Museum

June -August 2015- Here comes the sun-collaborations & individual works with east coast friends - Fresno Art Museum Partnership Gallery at Arte Americas
Exhibition curator and participant

Sunday, May 3rd  2015 - 10th Anniversary Exhibition /Opening Reception
Chimmaya Gallery - Los Angeles Ca

March 27 through Sunday, May 17, 2015 Chicanitas The Cheech Marin Collection             
 Topeka, KansasMulvane Art Museum

Mar 10th, 2015 - Apr 5th, 2015 - Chicanita on the Plains
Kasum Contemporary Fine Art Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

January 27 through Sunday, March 8, 2015 Chicanitas The Cheech Marin Collection          
 Eureka, California Humboldt State University, First Street Gallery

November 15th 2014 - Inside out - solo show

Mayer Fine Art Gallery, Norfolk, Va

October 3 through December 14, 2014 Chicanitas The Cheech Marin Collection               
 Lubbock, TexasTexas Tech University School of Art, Landmark Gallery

July 2014-Frida 2014
ChimMaya gallery 5283 E Beverly Blvd, LA,CA

 June 2014- Fresno Art Museum Partnership Gallery at Arte Americas
solo show - Beautiful Dreamer

May 2 through July 19, 2014  Chicanitas The Cheech Marin Collection   
Las Cruces,New Mexico Las Cruces Museum of Art

March 2014- Sagrado Corazon, Sacred Hearts show
ChimMaya gallery 5283 E Beverly Blvd, LA,CA

December 2013-March 2014 Chicanitas The Cheech Marin Collection
San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego California 

October 2013- Latin Heritage Month, book signing Cheech Marin "chicanitas"
ChimMaya gallery 5283 E Beverly Blvd, LA,CA

September 2013- The art of political change
MOCA DC  Georgetown, Washington DC

September 2013- Art Crimes
The Dunes 1402 meridian place, Washington DC

August 2013 Hothouse installations- The art of the superhero
Capital Skyline Hotel Lounge SW, Washington DC

April 2013 Affordable Arts Fair
AAF NY Spring 2013 Metropolitan Pavillion, NYC

March 2013 Yuri's night out/Voltron's corpse
Artisphere 2013 group show-Arlington, Va

December 2012 Aqua 13 Art Miami
Aqua Hotel 2012 participating galleries Miami, Fla

November 2012 Creating a Legacy-Exhibition with paintings and drawings by Manon Cleary
tribute group show
39th street Gallery Brentwood, MD

October 2012 Mid Atlantic Juried Competition Hoyt Center for the Arts-group show New Castle, PA
2nd place winner for "I Scream, You scream" 16x20 acrylic on masonite

October 4-7 2012 Affordable Arts Fair
emerging artists, The tunnel
Chelsea, NY

October 3-6 2012 (e)merge art fair
Rubell Family Capitol Skyline Hotel Washington DC

September 14- November 4 Ojos En Los Borders
Art Collective Latino American Project Takoma Park Community Center, MD

September 2012 RSVP 2012
juried group show
NWAA- New Wilmington Art Association Wilmington, Delaware

July-August 2012 DCAC Wall Mountables
group show  Adams Morgan, Washington DC

July 2012 19-22 Hamptons ArtMrket emrging artist/group show/art fair
Bridgehampton, NY

July 2012 international AIDS conference 2012-Sex drugs rock&roll art exhibition
Iron horse taproom, washington dc

June 18-August 10 The Art Libs show
juried art exhibit Harmony Hall Regional Center Fort Washington, MD

April 2012 18-22 Affordable arts Fair
emerging artist/group show/art fair NYC

October 2011 Black Rock Center for the Arts 
small scale works- group show Germantown, Maryland

July 2011 DCAC Adams Morgan,DC
group show Wall Mountables

October 2009 Torpedo Factory
Day of the Dead

May 2009 Art-O-Matic Washington D.C.

September 2009 Ganymedes Art Festival

February 2009 The Phantom Gallery 
group show It came from the 80's

December 2008 The Phantom Gallery 
group show - A tribute to Cthulhu Orange, Ca

July 2008 The Elipse Art Center
juried- group show Arlington,Va

May 2008 - Art-O-matic

November 2008 The Gallery Paradiso
group show - Blue Squared Portland,Oregon

June 2006 Stacey's Arthouse
solo show Falls Church,Va 

Write ups:
May 28, 2008 Daily Campello Art News

July 4, 2009 Daily Campello Art News
top 10 artists of 2009 AOM

April 2012 Tespis Magazine
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May 21, 2012 The Sentinel newspapers
viewers, artists create storyline in 'Art Libs' exhibit

Dec 2012 Art Basel Miami- Aqua part 1

Dec 2012 Test Press-Jefe aka Johnny Chiba provides lowbrow highlights of all that is cool and
all that is great at the annual Miami South Beach event ART BASEL 2012

Oct 2013 Hola cultura-dcs latino cultural hub
Ofrendamos a la catrina
July 19th 2014 - The Fresno Bee- Munro- For Herrera , art captures a colorful intense and messy stew called life
Jan 2015- The Fresno Bee- Donald Munro's top 20 valley cultural art picks of 2014 (#8 on the list)
May 28 2015- The Fresno Bee- Pushing Boundaries:Some art isn't meant to soothe



Friday, July 19, 2013

"You might have some issues" More Rorschach paintings 2012-2013

Once I was asked to bring my portfolio to someone for a review and he said to me"you might have some issues with sex" Though I wouldn't call it an "issue" so much as a deep seeded and not entirely unwelcome preoccupation. So what...I like to paint giant veiny ones and boobies. Lots of boobies! Any black panel painting of mine does not begin with sketches but instead is created through a stream of consciousness that I can only compare to what someone would see in an instant upon viewing a Rorschach inkblot. In essence I am my own therapist. And not a very good one, I'd say. I might have stopped myself about 40 veiny ones ago if I took my patient's mental health seriously at all! Which I clearly don't......

Here is a collection of Rorschach paintings from end of 2012 up until now.

4x4' acrylic on masonite

Conjoined turkey lobster devil babies 
3x3" acrylic on wood

Nice helmet!
3x7"acrylic on wood

I'd do anything to be your everything
5x7"acrylic on masonite

Don't forget your baggage  
4x6" acrylic on wood

Ain't nothin gonna break my stride 
5x7" acrylic on masonite

Come with me my darling and I'll show you a whole new world
5x7 acrylic on masonite

Love will always save your soul
9x12" acrylic on canvas panel

Jewish Superheroes- Series painted for AQUA Miami 2012

I really slacked on keeping up with my blog as busy as I was in 2012 and it has been my best year so far. Superheroes was the theme for many art fairs throughout the year so being a fan of the classics DC and Marvel since I was a wee little babe, I thought to pay an homage to just a few of my favorites. The answer to why I made them all Jewish is simple. I had always wondered what superheroes might be Jewish and an episode of Family Guy set it all into motion when I learned that apparently Optimus Prime is Jewish
Anyone who knows me knows that Optimus is not only my ultimate superhero but my ultimate fantasy. Yeah that might sound weird but I would totally have his robot babies. But now I know I would have to convert. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Of course while I have been patiently waiting for him to propose any sort of rendezvous or (crossin' my fingers) ...marriage.... I painted these 4 panels. All 10x10 acrylic on composite boards. All but Supermun were painted in 2012.
The series hung at Art Aqua Miami during Art Basel represented by Alida Anderson Arts and the great Lenny Campello.

 Don't worry Supermun!


Stan Lee's -Wolfmun by night

Don't crow Batmun


Friday, August 10, 2012

Musically inspired

One of my main inspirations is music. I am a girl of the 80's and so it goes without saying that 80's music is huge when it comes to what movies me to paint. I love hardcore, metal, opera... I'll give most things a chance  except that damn screamo crap!  While some are more obvious than others, my mind takes me to some odd places when I listen to music. Here are some of my musically inclined pieces. 

"Mercury Rising" 9x12 a tribute to Freddie 

"rick rolled"5x5 never going to give you up, thanks for getting stuck in my head. Freakin ginger 

"some day love will find you"   5x7
yes, I love Journey

"Ever since we met you've had a hold on me"  2x3 inspiration-Dusty Springfield

"This is the end" 9x12" inspired by soul crushing divorce and The Doors. Thank you Mr.Morrison
it is also a play off of a Dennis Hopper photograph that I love. They seemed to me to be very indifferent. It felt like the end of something to me.

"and then he kissed me" 2x3" - The Shirrelles 

"Being the hunted one is no fun" 2x3" -Cypress Hill 
oh , the 90's! 

"Cracklin Rosie" 11x14" - Neil Diamond. This song makes me as happy as that guitar humming!

"shiny and new" 8x10" -Madonna- like a virgin

"Peel Diamond" --Sweet Caroline

"springtime for Jeannette and Germany" from my trip to Germany and Mel Brooks always making laugh about Germans hahaha! 

"Police Story" 8x10 - Black Flag

"little china girl" 6x8    David Bowie

no one loves Prince more than I do

"If i were the man" 11x14  John Prine and Cowboy Junkies